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How can I tell if my big spirit needs coaching?

  • You hide your light, because you feel guilty about owning your personal power.
  • You allow yourself to be limited by other peoples’ limitations and find yourself participating in your own demise.
  • You feel bad that your light sometimes withers other people, so you dim it down. This self-abnegation short-circuits the realization of your dreams and the fulfillment of your destiny, which in turn diminishes your impact on the world.
  • You fear the potential responsibility, overwhelm, and danger associated with living as a big spirit.
  • You don’t fully express yourself—you erase yourself before others can do it—to avoid being attacked by people who are freaked out by big spirits.
  • You go unconscious and live a life based not on your own, but on somebody else’s, agenda and values.
  • You live in a world of “shoulds” rather than in the world of “I AM.”
  • You are emotionally, spiritually, and psychically drained by having to constantly suppress who you really are and go out of your way not to make a difference.
  • Sometimes, to numb the heartache of not being yourself, you turn to alcohol, other drugs, overwork, overscheduling, and other adrenalin-driven behavior (busy, busy, busy, wash, wipe, mow, shop, repair), or get caught up in stories and “drama.”
  • You are made edgy and uncomfortable from the friction of rubbing up against something other than your own skin, and the internal pressure of unrelenting existential crisis.
  • Beneath the surface of an ostensibly successful life, you feel restless and glum, no matter how much you accomplish, how much others admire you, or how much you buy—without knowing why.
  • This last one’s the biggie: You’re afraid that if you live through your big spirit, if you live your truth and shine that big light, you’ll leave other people behind. (And, yes, you probably will. You will also inspire some of them to come with you.)

And you cut through all this how?

When the big spirit in me talks to the big spirit in you, anything can happen.