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Rules of Engagement

I want to be a presence in your life and a catalyst for positive change. To that end, I can customize my services to meet your individual needs. But to give you an idea, my typical coaching agreement goes like this:

The Typical Coaching Agreement

  • Three 30-to-45-minute telephone sessions a month.
  • E-mail support, as needed.
  • Short phone check-ins, as needed.
  • A 3-month minimum
  • A 30-day, money-back guarantee.

The Three Month Rationale

People grow in different ways and at different speeds. A natural cycle of highs and lows often occurs during the first three months of coaching, as you would expect with any major change. It’s actually an important part of the process. As you become aware of, and transition through, the real sources of whatever is holding you back from living a full life, you’ll tend to stutter before you step, and when you’re stuttering you’re liable to want to quit for no good reason.

So, to give the coaching relationship a reasonable chance to work, I ask my clients to commit to at least three months. This is not, however, a requirement.